Meowth’s level of sentience really bothers me sometimes

Like he’s of average human intelligence, does he have to pay taxes? Would he be charged as a human in a court of law? Does he have any legal protections or a right to a lawyer? Can he get married? Apply for health insurance?

What is the limit

This is legitimately my favourite thing to discuss ever.

I don’t think Meowth is that much more intelligent than your average Pokémon. He’s constantly outsmarted by Pikachu and others, and none of the Pokémon he’s ever talked to seem to treat him like he’s anything special. Most humans don’t, either, but “Oh hey a talking Meowth” has come up enough to assume that humans think it’s unusual. The only thing that sets him apart is his walking/talking (which, judging by Go West, Young Meowth, was achieved through sheer willpower rather than intelligence or talent) and his skills with building mecha, which has only really become a thing since DP. I’d argue that he’s simply gained enough experience from his career with Team Rocket to be as good at building machines as he is. That said, his level of sentience is probably the same as most other Pokémon.

To treat Meowth as a human in a court and other legal procedures would depend on whether he’s legally identified as a person, and that’s where the line gets foggy. Most definitions of “person” contain the word human in them; however, those definitions are from our world. Given how the Pokémon world treats every Pokémon other than Meowth like animals, though, their definitions are probably similar. He most certainly doesn’t have a birth certificate, so I can’t imagine it’d be easy for him to get any form of identification, which is needed for things like marriage and health insurance and whatnot. At any rate, I think if the law were to treat Meowth as a person, they’d have to treat every other Pokémon as a person, too, and something tells me the Pokémon world would be very reluctant to do something like that.

Perhaps if he wanted to, he could appeal for those things somewhere, and then cause a big stink about Pokémon rights. But the animé would never get into a topic like that. (WHICH IS A SHAME BECAUSE IT WOULD MAKE ME SO HAPPY YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. FAVOURITE THING.)

So would they tax him? I suppose that depends on whether he has a registered occupation or not. If Giovanni has him listed as a paid employee, then yeah, I guess they would. Otherwise, I assume his salary is included with Jessie and James’s (or else is nonexistent, which would be really sad for Meowth but also wouldn’t surprise me). Team Rocket in general is probably pretty under-the-radar, so I’m not sure if any member, human or not, gets taxed at all.

(The limit is the ENDLESS FANFICTION that you can write about Pokémon rights. MORE PEOPLE NEED TO SEE HOW INTERESTING THIS IS.)

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